Easy Bird Craft For Toddlers

Easy Bird Craft For Toddlers #birdcraftfortoddlers #birdcraft #toddlercraft #preschoolcraft

Do you want to learn the easiest craft ever! It’s this super adorable Easy Bird Craft For Toddlers. Nothing could be easier then this. My daughter loved these birds so much… she kept making more of them, even though she is a nine year old now! While you are here do check out my other popular bird crafts at the bottom of the page.

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So I guess these Easy Bird Craft For Toddlers is actually perfect for all age groups. All you need is some paper, paint and cotton swabs also known as Q-Tips. And dont worry if you don’t have cotton swabs at home you can use your fingers for some finger painting fun!

Materials For Easy Bird Craft For Toddlers

  • Paper (you can use craft paper or even normal printer paper)
  • Paint
  • Cotton swab
  • Googly eyes (optional, you can easily draw cute eyes)
  • Feathers
  • Scissors and glue

How To Make Easy Bird Craft For Toddlers

1. Cut out a bird shape. I actually drew a big 8 on the paper and cut it out.

2. Take the googly eyes and paste them.

3. Take a cotton swab and dip it in orange paint. Use that to make the beak of the bird.

4. Next use yellow or any other color you like to pain your bird Craft.

5. Lastly paste feathers as wing on your easy bird craft for toddlers.

Make this adorable bird craft for toddlers today! #birdcraftfortoddlers #birdcrafts #birdcraftforpreschool #easybirdcraft #funbirdcraft #kidscraft #funcraftsfortoddlers


This is such a fun and easy craft for toddlers or preschoolers to attempt. And it’s a pleasure to watch them have some fun. It is also good for their gross moter skills to develop. Research has shown that activities like this help develop cognitive processes in toddlers as well.

And the best part is it will keep your little one busy for a good while. Oh btw if you loved this easy bird craft for toddlers then do check out my other fun bird crafts as well.

1. Bird Craft Finger Ring

Bird craft for kids finger ring pin

2. Bird craft using toilet roll

Make this fun paper roll bird Craft today! #birdcraftfortoddlers #birdcrafts #birdcraftsforpreschool

3. Mommy bird and her babies

Make this adorable bird craft for toddlers today! #birdcraftfortoddlers #birdcrafts #birdcraftforpreschool #easybirdcraft #funbirdcraft #kidscraft #funcraftsfortoddlers

Do let me know how you liked these crafts in the comment section below.

Happy Crafting With Us!



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