About Me

Hi, I am Asma. Its so nice to meet you. Hope you enjoy making easy and fun art and crafts projects with your kids just like me. I love making easy art and crafts projects with my very talented 9 year old daughter.I tend to use simple materials and easy steps to make gorgeous looking crafts. I make all of these projects with my daughter and she thoroughly enjoys them. In fact this is the best quality time we spend with each other. All the glitter, paint and glue are perfect for creating everlasting memories. I want this time to be what my daughter cherishes all her life and thinks of as her happy fond memories!!! I love the mess we create (but mind you not too much mess!!! after all i have to clean it too eventually) and all the fun we have and all the small talk we do about random stuff.

Hope you and your kids enjoy it as much as we do. These crafts are also perfect for doing in school. I am sure all students will love making them and will take them home proudly to show them off!!! So as we begin this journey of creativity A Very Happy Crafting to you and your kids!!!