How to Make Easy Bird Craft For Kids

Make this fun paper roll bird Craft today! #birdcraftfortoddlers #birdcrafts #birdcraftsforpreschool

Birds are always a favorite of all kids. Seeing them fly in the sky, looking at pretty colorful pictures of them is always fascinating. My daughter is no different. And when her class was using rain forests as a theme she was delighted. So for her rain forest related school project we made a gorgeous bright colored Bird Craft. This bird craft was extra fun because kids can wear these colorful birds on their wrists!!!

For this craft i decided to use empty toilet paper rolls. I used toilet rolls to make our two colorful birds complete with beaks feathers and tail. I used bright neon colorful construction paper and some cute feathers. The instructions below are for 1 bird craft. I made two on my daughter’s insistence. One for each wrist!!!

Bird craft 1

 Materials For Bird Craft:

  • Empty toilet roll
  • Bright neon colored construction paper (pink, yellow and green)
  • Feathers
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Paper cutter or hole puncher
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Bird craft 2

Instructions For Bird Craft:

1. Cut out pink and green construction paper strips. Cut out a broader strip for body of the bird. I used green construction paper. And cut out a thinner strip of pink construction paper for the head of the bird. Also cut out a “n” shaped yellow strip for the tummy of the bird.

Bird Craft 3

2. Paste the green strip first. Then paste the pink strip for the head. Next paste the yellow one.

Bird craft 4

3. Next cut put tiny green circles for the eyes of the bird and paste them.  You can stick googley eyes too if your kids are obsessed with them like mine. I only pasted and drew eyes this time because i was out of googley eyes!!!

Bird craft 5

4. For the beak i pasted a tiny orange triangle. You can draw it too if u want.

5. Next comes the fun part. Past two feathers for wings and one on the head of the bird. For the head i pasted the feather on the inner edge of the toilet roll tube.

Bird craft 6

6. Next poke two holes on each side of the bird to pass the pipe cleaner. I used a pipe cleaner to tie the bird craft around my daughter’s wrist. You can use a ribbon to if u like.

Bird craft 7

7. At the end i pasted feathers at the back of the toilet roll tube for the tail.

This easy bird craft was so much fun to make. My daughter absolutely loved them on her wrists. For more bird crafts check out Mommy Bird And Her Chicks Craft. Also check out my Pom Pom Snails Crafts.




7 thoughts on “How to Make Easy Bird Craft For Kids

  1. I love this craft! My daughter is almost 2 and is completely in love with birds! She gets excited when she hears them and loves to watch them fly around. She will be thrilled when I tell her we’re going to make our very own bird craft! Thank you for the awesome tutorial! 🙂

    1. I am so happy to hear this. Keep visiting us for more fun ideas. I am starting my mail subscription very soon!!!

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