How To Make Mermaid Craft Using Paper Roll

Make this adorable mermaid Craft using paper roll today! #mermaidcraft #oceancrafts

Like all little girls these days my daughter is also obsessed with mermaids. Everything needs to be mermaid themed. Her swim suit, her school bag, her t-shirts and yes obviously a mermaid costume. So i decided to make her a mermaid craft out of paper roll while she was in school.

Now i used a toilet paper roll to make my mermaid craft, but when my daughter got home she literally threw a tantrum over why i didn’t make the gorgeous mermaid craft with her. So obviously we had to make another one. But i was out of toilet paper rolls so we used a tall card board cylindrical gift box someone gave us very similar to a kitchen towel roll. So you can use that too. The instructions below are for mermaid toilet paper roll craft.

Mermaid craft 1

Materials For Mermaid Craft Using Paper Roll:

  • Colorful construction paper (pink, yellow and green)
  • Toilet paper roll (or any other cardboard roll)
  • Silver pen
  • Black pen
  • Pink gem for mermaid hair (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Mermaid craft 2

Instructions For Mermaid Craft Using Paper Roll:

1. Cut a pink strip for the body of the mermaid. Cut a tail shape as well. Use silver pen to draw fish scales.

Mermaid craft 3

2. Next Cut a green top for the mermaid.

3. Cut yellow strips for the hair of the mermaid. Cut 4 or more vertical strips for hair strands. Cut 1 horizontal strip for the head.

Mermaid craft

4. Now paste the body of the mermaid craft on the toilet paper roll.

Mermaid craft 4

5. Next paste the yellow head strip on the toilet paper roll.

Mermaid craft 5

6. Now paste the green top of the mermaid craft.

7. Draw the eyes and smile of the mermaid.

Mermaid craft

8. Now paste the vertical strips of yellow construction paper as the hair strands of the mermaid. Stick a pretty gem on her hair to give her the extra bling.

Mermaid craft 6

9. Lastly paste the mermaid tail at the back of the toilet paper roll.

Mermaid craft pin

Your gorgeous Mermaid Paper Roll Craft is ready now. To be honest so far this has been my most favorite craft!!!! For more paper roll crafts do check out my How To Make Easy Bird craft.

Happy Crafting!!!

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  1. This would be a fun project for my granddaughter and I to make together. She loves to craft and mermaids are a favorite.

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