10 Best Mermaid Crafts

Who doesn’t love Mermaid Crafts. I for one love, love, Love Mermaid Crafts. As a kid my favorite Disney movie was of course The Little Mermaid. So today i decided to do a round up of the best Mermaid Crafts ever! Btw while you are here you might as well check out my extremely popular collection of 10 Minute Unicorn Crafts For Kids.

Now  lets get back to my ultimate favorite Mermaid Craft list.

Make these fun and amazing mermaid crafts with your little ones today. This gorgeous collection of mermaid crafts is all that you need for some inspiration. #mermaidcrafts #oceancrafts #undertheseacrafts #easycrafts #funcrafts #girlcrafts

1. The first one on my list has to be Super Easy Mermaid Craft Finger Puppets. They are so easy to make and perfect for pretend play.

Make this Free Printable Easy Mermaid Craft Finger Puppets today. #mermaidcraft #diymermaid #oceancrafts #undertheseacrafts #easycrafts #funcrafts #girlcrafts

2. Second on my list is How To Make A Mermaid Craft Using Paper Roll. This has got to be one of the easiest mermaid crafts ever. All you need is discarded paper roll and some colorful paper. Make this gorgeous Mermaid Crafts for tons of fun. #mermaidcrafts #undertheseacraft #girlcrafts #paperrollcraft #easycrafts #funcraftss

3. Now take a look at this gorgeous yet simple Paper Bag Mermaid Craft by iheartcraftythings.com. This is such a cute craft. I cant wait to try it out with my daughter.

4. Next on my list is this sparkly Mermaid Slime by thebestideasforkids.com. I am so in love with slime. A must try!

5. The next has got to be the most adorable Rocking Paper Plate Mermaid by the super famous and awesome redtedartart.com. This so fun to look at.

6. This pretty DIY Mermaid Pencil Holder  is a perfect craft for a boring afternoon. All you need is an empty can and some craft paper and glitter.

Make this adorable Mermaid Crafts for some fun. #mermaidcraft #backtoschoolcraft #funcraft #undertheseacraft #easycraft #undertheseacraft

7. I just love these easy Wooden Spoon Mermaids by icraftheartythings.com. These are perfect for pretend play as well.

8. Take a look at these pretty Printable Mermaid Bookmarks by thekidscraftsite.com. I love printable crafts because they are so easy to make.

9. Another super easy and adorable printable Mermaid Craft that i would love to try with my daughter is by the artdream.com. I honestly cant get over how cute this is!

10. The last one my list is How to Draw Mermaid Scales on Painted Rocks by projectswithkids.com.

I am absoultey in love with all these amazing mermaid crafts. I honestly cant decide which should i try first with my daughter.

Make these 10 best Mermaid Crafts today! #mermaidcraft #oceancrafts #funcrafts #easycrafts #girlcrafts #slime

Tell us which one did you make first. Also don’t forget to take a look at this fun collection of 10 Minute Unicorn Crafts For Kids.

Happy Crafting with us!!!


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