Mermaid Craft: Pencil Holder

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Mermaid Crafts are another favorite of my daughter. In fact for her next ybirthday (which is far far away right now) she has already decided on Mermaid theme. So when she came to me today saying she is super bored i decided to make her a mermaid craft. Something to keep her happy and busy. I decided to make a gorgeous Mermaid Pencil Holder Craft for her. I had recently made a Unicorn Pencil Holder Craft for her as well. So do check that out as well.

DIY Mermaid Pencil Holder Craft

She had recently bought lots of pretty glitter with me so she wanted to use that. So we used loads, yup you heard me right, loads of glitter for this craft. I usually try to avoid glitter because of all the mess. But this was such a pretty craft that even i enjoyed all the glittery mess we created.

Materials For Mermaid Craft: Pencil Holder

  • Empty tin can
  • Construction paper (blue, yellow and white)
  • Glittery Paper (yellow, pink and magenta)
  • Pastels (peach, and dark pink)
  • Loads of pretty blue glitter
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Instructions For Mermaid Craft: Pencil Holder

1. Cut out a rectangle from blue construction paper. Put UHU stick glue all over it and sprinkle loads and loads of blue glitter. Make it as shiny as possible.

2. Next paste it all around your tin can.

3. Cut out a mermaid shape head and tiny body. Since only the head and arms will show of the mermaid so u don’t need to make complete body of the mermaid as shown below. Use pastels to color your mermaid as shown.

4. Cut out some hair and hair strands for the mermaid as shown. Paste them on the mermaid.

5.Now stick the mermaid head in the inside part of the tin can. Leave the hands sticking out of the tin can.

6. Use magenta glitter paper to cut out the mermaid tail. Stick it as shown.

8. Paste some tiny fish from yellow and pink glitter paper on the front of the tin can to give ocean effect.

9. Draw the eyes of your mermaid and a smile.

DIY Mermaid Craft Pencil Holder

Your pretty Mermaid Craft: Pencil Holder is ready now. For more fun and easy under the sea crafts checkout my very popular 10 Minute Ocean Crafts. We has loads of glittery fun making this craft. Hope you enjoy it too. Happy Crafting With Us!!!

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