9 Super Fun Summer Activities For Kids

Summer Activities For Kids

We are fast approaching summer where I live yay!!!! So this means its time for ice lollies, swimming, beach and Super Fun Summer Activities For Kids which, you can easily setup outdoors without spending too much money. So let’s check out this fun set of outdoor activities ideas for kids.

DIY Bird Feeder Activity

by Art Craft And Fun

  1. Make this super easy DIY Bird Feeder with your kids. Now this simple outdoor activity can be done without much effort or planning. You will already have everything needed to make this Easy Bird Feeder. This easy activity is perfect for kids of all ages.

2. Give your kids a magnifying glass and make them explore all the insects around the garden. Make them go on a bug hunt. And to make things more fun when they come back with their finds. Make this super cute ladybug craft with them. You can make this super easy ladybug craft using construction paper strips and some glue! Summer Activities can’t get more easier than this!

Paper Ladybug Craft For Kids

Ladybug Craft For Kids

by Art Craft And Fun

3. Send your kids outdoors and ask them to collect pretty rocks. Meanwhile you get the paints and paint brushes out for them. Once the kids are back with their rocks collection, get them to wash their pretty rocks. Next let them get creative with their rock painting. You can check out a few fun ideas right here.

Ladybug Painted Rocks

by Crafts By Amanda

Aren’t these ladybug Painted Rocks so perfect. You can even decorate your garden with them!

Dot Painting on Rocks

by Twitchetts

I just love how simple yet beautiful these simple dot painted rocks are. Now isn’t this a super easy summer activity with the kids. And the best part is its so inexpensive!

4. Fourth on the list is Sponge Bombs. Now sponge bombs are always a hit with the kids and adults in the hot summer moths. You can check out an easy tutorial on this fun summer activity for the kids right here.

Make Your Own Sponge Bombs

by Inner Child Fun

I find this tutorial to be super easy to follow and have used to make some sponge bombs of my own. Do try making these with your kids this summer!

5. Next on the list is this super cool recipe for Chalk Ice. Now this is another perfect outdoor activity for a hot summer day. You can get instructions on how to make chalk ice right below.

How to make Chalk Ice

by The Best Ideas For Kids

I just love how adorable this activity for kids turns out. Definitely a must try this summer with your little ones.

6. Bubble art is a popular activity for kids. It is honestly one of the easiest summer activities for kids to set up and provides hours of fun. Plus it doesn’t even require much effort to setup. There are so many easy way to make this art but I like to follow instructions from My Home Based Life. You can check them out yourself right below.

Bubble Art

by My Home Based Life

Best to try out this activity in your backyard so that kids can get as messy as they want without you worrying about cleanup. Because seriously no one likes cleanup time!

7. Summer fun can not be complete without some Kite Flying. To make things more interesting you can now make your kites using the instructions given below by Krokotak.

Simple Bird Kite

by Krokotak

Isn’t this a super cute activity to try out this summer. I am already excited to make my own kites with my daughter!

8. Frisbees are always super fun to play with. But have you ever thought of making one yourself! Well I found the instructions to make Paper Plate Frisbees at Krokotak. You learn out how to make these adorable frisbee by clicking below.

9. Last on our list today is Cardboard Ring Toss Craft by Molly Moo Crafts. This is another super fun summer activity to try with your kids this summer. You can check out how to make this down below.

Cardboard Ring Toss

by Molly Moo Crafts

Now this colorful and fun activity brings us to the end of our Super Fun Summer Activities For Kids. I hope you enjoy these fun outdoor activities with your kids. And before you go don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE with us to get Free Printables and Fun Crafting ideas right in your inbox.

Happy Printing And Crafting With Us!!!!

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  1. I’m interested in free activities for my grandkids and nieces I teach at home school ages 2 to 4 years old and them teenagers as well they love crafts

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