10 Min Easy Mother’s Day Special: Pom Pom Snails Craft

My daughter has recently planted mint leafs with me in a planter. Today we were admiring our pretty mint growing nicely when my daughter spotted a very tiny snail. But before we could look at it carefully it disappeared between the leaves. She kept trying to find it again but couldnt.This got me thinking, why not make our own colorful pom pom snails craft.

So off we went to our craft room to find our materials. Now i didn’t get the time to go shopping over this weekend for our craft materials so we had to make do. But even with a few colorful construction papers, pom poms and googley eyes we made the most adorable looking snail family. My daughter insisted on following our Mother’s Day theme so we ended up making a mommy snail and her two baby snails.

Pom pom snails craft 1

Materials For Pom Pom Snails Craft:

  • Colorful construction paper ( I used yellow for snail shell and pink, purple and blue for the heads)
  • Pom poms
  • Googley eyes
  • Popsicle sticks (optional)
  • Glue

Pom pom snails craft 2

Instructions For Pom Pom Snails Craft:

1. Cut out one big circle and two small circles for the shells of mommy snail and her two baby snails. Also cut out the heads for the snails. I cut almost a bean shape for the heads. See picture below:

Pom pom snails craft 3

2. Stick the shells of the snails on the bodies.

3. Draw a spiral shape on the shells of the pom pom snails. This is a rough guide of where you will stick your pom poms.

Pom pom snails craft 4

4. Now stick your colorful pom poms on the snail shells.

Pom pom snails craft 5

5. For the eyes i used tiny pieces of pipe cleaners and glued the googley eyes on them. If you dont have pipe cleaners handy then dont worry just use construction paper. It works wonderfully too.

Pom pom snails craft 6

6. Your pom pom snails craft are almost ready now. Stick popsicle sticks on their backs and draw a smiley face with silver marker.

Your DIY Colorful Pom Pom Snails Craft is ready to charm your little ones!!! These are perfect for Mother’s Day Crafts as well. For more Mother’s Day Crafts do check out Rainbow Popsicle Vase, Mommy Bird and Her Chicks and Easy 3D Flower Mother’s Day Cards. Happy Crafting!!!


2 thoughts on “10 Min Easy Mother’s Day Special: Pom Pom Snails Craft

  1. This is ridiculously cute!!! What a great idea. Mommy snail and her 2 little snails. Love the colours you chose, so vibrant. I’m sure its popping amidst the mint leaves. Happy Mother’s Day! Hope you’re going to get spoilt:)

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