Mother’s Day cards with 3D Flowers

A Mother’s Day craft collection can never be complete without a Mother’s Day card. But i didnt want to make a normal card out of construction paper. I wanted something different, a little more fun and creative. So i came up with these Mother’s Day cards with 3D flowers. I used pipe cleaners to make my flowers. I loved the texture feel they provided. And they were easy enough and pretty enough to keep my daughter busy for a long time. In fact she was sad that i hadnt bought enough of these pipe cleaners for her.

Mother's Day cards 1

Materials for Mother’s Day Cards with 3D Flowers:

  • Yellow and orange construction paper.
  • Pipe cleaners (red, pink and green)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Gems

Mother's Day cards 2

Instructions for Mother’s Day Cards with 3D Flowers:

1. Cut rectangles from yellow and orange construction paper. Mine were 7 inch by 14 inch in size.

2. Cut smaller rectangles of yellow and orange construction papers. I cut mine into 5 inch into 4 inch.

Mother's Day cards 3

3. Put the yellow smaller rectangle on the orange bigger one and put orange smaller rectangle on the yellow bigger one. As shown in the picture.

4. Fold the bigger rectangles in half. Stick the smaller rectangles on them. Because we want to make pockets of smaller rectangles only put glue on three edges.

Mother's Day cards 4

5. Now for the flowers take red and pink pipe cleaners. Twist each of them around your finger to create a coil. Dont make your coil too tight. Make as many flowers as you want.

Mother's Day cards 5

6. Stick a gem in the centre of each flower.

7. Now stick your flower on the green pipe cleaner.

8. Lastly insert your flowers in your cards pockets.

Mother's Day cards 6

This was a very easy craft to make with minimum mess. And the pipe cleaners are a lot of fun for the kids. They are so easy to shape. These Mother’s Day Cards turned out so vibrant and colorful.  If you like this Mother’s Day Craft then do check out our other Mother’s Day Crafts Mommy Bird and Her Chicks, Rainbow Popsicle Vase, My Mom: My Tree of Love and Mother’s Day Paper Hearts Wreath.

Make this adorable 3D Flower Card for Mother's Day. Sure to bring a smile on any mom's face! #mothersdaycraft #mothersdaycard


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