Mother’s Day Paper Hearts Wreath

Paper Heart Wreath for mother's day is so much fun to make. #papercraft #mothersdaycraft #paperwreath

I have always liked wreaths on doors. They look so colorful and inviting. So when I was thinking of easy ideas to make with little kids for Mother’s Day I came up with this paper hearts wreath.

It turned out so colorful and cheery. I loved the colorful hearts and it was such a fun activity to do with my daughter. She loved making these easy hearts out of colorful paper strips. All we needed for this paper hearts wreath was colorful paper and stapler and some ribbon. It was easy peasy lemon squeezy!!!

Paper heart wreath 1

Materials for paper hearts wreath:

  • Colorful paper (we used pink, red orange, yellow and green)
  • Stapler
  • Ribbon

Paper heart wreath 2

Instructions for paper hearts wreath:

1. Cut your paper into thin strips. Ours were about 7 inches by 0.5 inch each. We cut out three strips of each color but used only two (the rest were used to play with by my daughter).

Paper heart wreath 3

2. Meet the two ends of the strip, bend them a little sort of like an m shape and staple it. Now put a crease with your hands to create the v shape of the heart as shown in the picture.

Paper heart wreath 4

3. Keep on making hearts out of all your strips.

4. Now arrange all your colorful hearts in a wreath shape as shown in the picture. I stapled all hearts together in this shape, but u can glue them together too if you want.

5. Next cut out a cute note for the mom and hang it with a ribbon with the top centre heart.

Paper heart wreath 5

6. Lastly cut a ribbon and attach it to the top side hearts. This will allow you to hang your pretty paper hearts wreath where ever you want.

This super easy Paper Heart Mother's Day Craft is sure to melt any mom's heart! #mothersdaycraft #papercrafts #easycrafts

This was a very simple yet fun activity. It was very colorful. My daughter loved all the colorful paper hearts. She played with them so much that we ended up making way more then we needed.

The best thing about these mother’s day activities are that they create a strong bond and fond memories both for the children and the mommies. So do check out some other fun mother’s day crafts by me Mommy Bird and Chicks, My Mom: My Tree of Love, Rainbow Popsicle Vase and Paper Cards with Fun Flowers.  Happy crafting!!!

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