My Mom: My Tree of Love

Make this easy hand print mother's day craft with your little one. Perfect for Toddlers and preschoolers. #mothersdaycraft #handprintcraft #toddlercraft #preachoolcrafts

Mother’s Day crafts are so much fun to make and they create such beautiful memories. This one was named by my daughter while we were making it together. ¬†When i told her that we are making a tree using her handprint and then decorating it she was super excited. She named our tree My Mom My Tree of Love. Honestly she melted me with those words. Such pure love!!!

Before i get emotional let me show you how to make the My Mom: My Tree of Love. It is easy to make as usual but loads of fun. I used my daughter’s handprint as the tree. Then we decorated it with colorful hearts. And i honestly loved teaching my daughter how to cut out pretty hearts!!!

Materials for My Mom: My Tree of Love:

  • Construction paper (bright green for the tree, dark green for leaves, yellow for the note and red and pink for hearts)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Stapler

Instructions for My Mom: My Tree of Love

1. Cut out a handprint and little bit of the wrist ( This will be the tree ). I used my daughter’s handprint!!!

2. Next cut out a strip of the same construction paper. Make the ends meet and staple them together. As shown in the picture. This will serve as the base of the tree.

3. Now to keep the tree from toppling over i pasted a popsicle stick behind it as shown in the picture. This kept my tree straight.

4. Next stick the tree to the base.

5. Now cut out different size hearts from red and pink construction paper. I used two different shades of pink.

6. Cut out some leaves from dark green construction paper.

7. Paste your hearts and leaves on the tree.

8. Lastly write a note for the mom on yellow construction paper and paste it on the tree trunk.

Your pretty My Mom: My Tree of Love is ready. It turned out so vibrant and pretty. If you liked making this then do check out some of our other Mother’s Day Crafts Mommy Bird and Chicks, Rainbow Popsicle Vase and Mother’s Day Paper hearts wreath. Also check out fun Spring Crafts. Happy Crafting!!!


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