Cute Jellyfish Craft For Preschoolers

This adorable Jellyfish Craft can easily be converted into a hand Puppet. Perfect for Preschool crafts. #oceancrafts #jellyfishcraft #jellyfishcraftforpreschool #handpupper #freeprintable

Jellyfish Craft has got to the be the most adorable ocean craft. And while we are all stuck in lockdown all over the world, I decided to make all my kids crafts super easy with materials that we already have lying around the house.

So for everyday this week I will be making an ocean craft and adding some basic fun information about it for kids to enjoy! And it will be free for download!!!!!

Ocean Series Crafts

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What are Jellyfish?

Jelly fish are sea creatures that have no bones and are made up of a jelly like substance. They use their feelers or tentacles to sting their pray and stun it! Did you know they have no eyes, heart or brain!!!!

And do you know that there are about 200 different types of Jellyfish! And would you believe it Jellyfish are related to corals and sea anemones. Though they are so different to look at! Download Fun Jellyfish facts printable (click): Fun Jellyfish Facts.

OR Download Printable Fun Facts I have collected about Jellyfish here: Fun Jellyfish Facts

Now let’s get back to how to make this easy Paper Jellyfish Craft.

Materials Required For Jellyfish Craft

  • A4 size paper
  • Paint
  • Golden stars or glitter (optional)
  • Ribbon
  • Glue
  • Scissors

How to make Paper Jellyfish Craft

1. Cut your A4 size paper in a semi circle with a wiggly line as you can see in the pictures.

2. Now cut out 8 strips of ribbon of equal size. Stick them to the backside of the Jellyfish with glue.

Make this adorable sparkly jellyfish Craft with your preschoolers today. And grab free fun facts printable along with it! #jellyfishcraft #oceancraft #preschoolcraft #jellyfishfunfacts #freeprintable

3. Flip the jellyfish and paint its front side. By the way we finger painted our Jellyfish!

4. Now sprinkle your golden stars or glitter while the paint is still wet. This is totally optional but we wanted to add a bit of sparkle to our Jellyfish Craft.

5. Now to turn this Jellyfish Craft into a puppet for perfect pretend play attach a strip of paper on it’s back as shown in the picture below.

Your adorable Paper Jellyfish Craft is ready now! Enjoy displaying your craft and don’t forget to download free printable (click) Fun Jellyfish Facts.

Make this adorable sparkly jellyfish Craft with your preschoolers today. And grab free fun facts printable along with it! #jellyfishcraft #oceancraft #preschoolcraft #jellyfishfunfacts #freeprintable


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Happy Crafting With Us!!!

For more fun information about Jellyfish you can visit: and

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