Toddler Craft: Paper Plate Crab Craft

Paper plate crab craft 1

Today I wanted to make another book inspired craft. And since we are Eric Carle fans so obviously The Hermit Crab is another favorite book of ours. So I decided to make a Paper Plate Crab Craft. Because I was being lazy I decided to keep today’s craft super easy with minimum steps. And I also decided to find out some Fun Facts about crab. You can download your free printable copy here (click) Fun Crab Facts.

The Paper Plate Crab Craft involved painting so my daughter was super excited. She absolutely loves to paint. So as always we ended up making three Paper Plate Crab Craft instead of the planned one. By the way most of the crafts you see on my blog are painted by her. And the blue glittery Paper Plate Crab Craft was made by her without any help from me. I love it when she can make a craft all by herself!!! The instructions below are for one Paper Plate Crab Craft.

Paper plate crab craft 1

Materials For Paper Plate Crab Craft:

  • Paper Plates
  • Paint
  • Construction paper
  • Googly eyes (optional)
  • Glue
  • Stapler (optional)

Paper plate crab craft 2

Instructions For Paper Plate Crab Craft:

1. Paint your plate any color you like. Let it dry. (If you want to add glitter then sprinkle it while the paint is still wet).

Painted paper plate

2. Once your the paint on the paper plate is dry, fold the paper plate in half.

3. Now cut out 8 strips from the construction paper for the legs of the crab.

Paper plate crab craft 2

4. Next glue or staple the legs of the crab.

Paper plate crab craft 3

5. Stick on the googly eyes and make a smile for the crab.

Paper plate crab craft pin

Your super easy to make Paper Plate Crab Craft is ready. This has got to be easiest craft ever. Its perfect activity for the boredom spells that come along with the summer vacations. And this Paper Plate Craft is so simple that your kids won’t even need much supervision and you can get some chores done around the house while they stay busy. For more easy crafts check out Paper Plate Fish Aquarium Craft, Paper Plate Jellyfish Craft and Egg Carton Finny Fin Fin Fish Craft. Hope you enjoy this craft as much as we did. Happy Crafting!!!


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  1. This is so cute!!! I work in an elementary school and I’m going to save this to do with my students next school year!

    1. That’s so sweet! Thank you. You can also check out my other easy crafts such as the Jellyfish Craft and The paper plate fish aquarium. You can also subscribe to get new updates right in your inbox.

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