Egg Carton Finny Fin Fin Fish Craft

The other day i was reading The Three Little Fish And The Big Bad Shark by Ken Giest to my daughter. This is by far our most favorite book to read together. I have been reading it to her since she was 3 yrs old. Now that she is 7 and can easily read by herself, she still occasionally makes me read it to her in all my voice changes for the characters. So as I was thinking of making another ocean themed craft I thought of making an adorable Finny Fin Fin fish craft.

For this craft I wanted to use a different material yet a simple one that is easily available to everyone. So I decided to use an egg carton. Now the tricky thing was that the egg carton that I buy is styrofoam one so I had to double coat the paint. As usual my mini me was following me around and eagerly painted the egg cartons with me. We made 2 yellow sharks, 2 blue whales and 2 pink fish.

Materials For Finny Fin Fin Fish Craft:

  • Egg carton (6 eggs one is enough as we made 6 fish)
  • Paint (yellow, pink, blue)
  • Construction paper (yellow, pink, blue)
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Finny fin fin fish craft 2

Instructions For Finny Fin Fin Fish Craft:

1. Cut out the egg carton into six individual egg boxes. As shown in the picture below:

Finny fin fin fish craft 3

2. Paint 2 pink, 2 blue and 2 yellow egg boxes.

Finny fin fin fish craft 4

3. Now cut out the tails and fins of the fish. Cut out 2 yellow shark fins for the top, And cut out tiny blue strips for the water sprouting out of the whale blow hole.

4. Paste the the tails in the inside part of the egg carton. As shown in the picture below:

Finny fin fin fish craft 4

5. Now start pasting the fins.

6. Draw eyes and and smiles on your fish.

Your pretty Finny Fin Fin Fish Craft is ready!!!

Finny fin fin fish craft pin

This was a pretty simple craft to make, and it was loads of fun painting the fish. For more fish craft check out my Swimmy:Easy Paper Fish Craft, and for more ocean themed crafts check out Paper Plate Jelly Fish Craft and Paper Plate Fish aquarium. Hope you enjoyed making this with your little ones like we did. Happy Crafting!!!


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