Kindergarten Craft: Paper Plate Jelly Fish Craft

Jellyfish craft

The other day my sister was telling me she needed to make a fun and easy ocean themed craft for her 4 yr old daughter. She wanted something bright and colorful that her daughter could mostly make on her own and feel proud of for show and tell in her class. I thought a lot and decided to use paper plates to create a craft tutorial for her. I decided to make some cute Jellyfish Craft. And with that I decided to make Free Printable (click here) Fun Jellyfish Facts.  Perfect for introducing ocean animals to my daughter!

Obviously my own 7 yr old daughter was super interested too. So i decided to involve her in this paper plate Jellyfish Craft. For this easy craft you only need three things paper plate, paint and some colorful ribbons. The instructions below are for one Paper Plate Jellyfish Craft.

Jelly fish craft 1

Materials for Paper Plate Jellyfish Craft:

  • Paper Plate
  • Paint
  • Ribbons
  • Hole Puncher
  • Scissors

Jelly fish craft 2

Instructions for Paper Plate Jellyfish Craft:

1.  Take your paper plate and cut it in half.

2. Next use the hole puncher to punch holes along the straight edge of the paper plate. As shown below. (Yes my holes aren’t all in a straight line because my daughter was making this herself Yay!! And i being a proud mom didn’t want to disturb her).

Jelly fish craft 3

3. Now paint your paper plate and let it dry.

Jelly fish craft 4

4. Take your colorful rainbows and cut them in strips. Now 1 rainbow strip through each hole and tie a knot to secure it. You can also staple the ribbons or stick them with glue if you want to further simplify it for the little ones to do it themselves.

5. Stick googly eyes or draw them with a black marker.

6. Lastly i punched two holes at the top of the Jellyfish Craft and passed a ribbon through them so that you can hang your pretty Jelly Fish in the kids room.

Jellyfish craft pin

Your cute and adorable Jellyfish Craft is ready!! This craft is perfect for kindergarten kids. It encourages kids to work on their own and feel confident about their art and craft skills. For more fun and easy Ocean Themed Crafts do check out How To Make Mermaid Craft Using Paper Roll and Kindergarten: Paper Plate Fish Aquarium Craft.

Happy Crafting!!!


19 thoughts on “Kindergarten Craft: Paper Plate Jelly Fish Craft

  1. This is such nice craft I will definitely make this together with my kids. I am sure they will love to make this craft.

  2. This would be a fun craft to make with the grandkids on a really hot summer day. I even have everything on hand to make this fun project. Win!

  3. Oh How cute! I think my girls are a bit young for this craft, but I cant wait to try it in the near future 🙂 I always loved doing craft projects as a kid, so I am just starting to introduce my girls (15 months) to crayons, stickers, and some other things, but cant wait to do projects like this 🙂

  4. This looks so easy. I’ve been trying to come up with little crafts for the kids to do while on summer break. A few days ago we made fish out of toilet paper roles, I think these little jelly fish will be a fun addition to play with next to the fish.

  5. What an adorable craft! I love it even more knowing I most likely already have all of the supplies! Definitely putting this one on the list for us in the future.

    1. I am happy that you like it! You can use thin strips of paper and stick them with glue instead of using ribbons if you want. Its easy and fun!

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