Easy Rainbow Craft: Floating Raft

This incredible Rainbow Floating Raft is perfect for a hot summer day! #summercrafts #boycrafts #raftcraft

Summer is already here. In fact we are having one of the hottest days of the year where I live. So water play is at it peak these days. I usually let my daughter fill a tub of water with all her toys in it. She loves to bathe them and make up stories with them. She enjoys this fun water activity so much. Today I wanted to add a new element to her water playing. So I decided to make an Easy Rainbow Craft: Floating Raft for her.

I used rainbow popsicle sticks and hot glue gun to make it. As usual my daughter was all in for the fun and yes we made two of these Easy Rainbow Craft: Floating Rafts as usual. By the way this has got be the easiest craft to make and one of the prettiest one so far. I highly recommend you make this craft with your kids this summer.

Rainbow Raft

A few recommendations on how to enjoy this rainbow raft craft the most. Don’t immerse it in deep water. Let it float in shallow water gently.

Materials For Easy Rainbow Craft: Floating Raft

  • Rainbow Colored Popsicle Sticks
  • Hot glue gun or any waterproof glue
  • Styrofoam (I used a tiny piece of empty egg carton, you can use empty take out food carton too But Styrofoam one).
  • Scissors

Floating raft 2

Instructions For Easy Rainbow Craft: Floating Raft

1. Take three popsicle sticks and place them horizontally with a little gap in between. This will be the base of your raft. There should be enough distance between the first popsicle stick and the last one to put a vertical popsicle stick on. See the picture below:

Floating raft 3

2. Now put hot glue on each horizontal popsicle stick. Stick your first vertical stick. Verticals sticks will be the raft boards. Keeping on sticking your popsicle sticks like this till you reach the middle. See the picture below:

Floating raft 4

3. For the sail of the boat I used a smaller sized popsicle stick. You can use the same normal sized one as well. I cut out a triangle from my styrofoam for the sail and used hot glue gun to stick it on.

Floating raft 5

4. I put hot glue all around on one end of it and stuck it between the raft boards. See the picture below:

Floating raft 5

5. Continue sticking your vertical popsicle sticks till you reach the end.


Your gorgeous and Easy Rainbow Craft: Floating Raft is ready to float!!! For more fun summer crafts do check out Paper Plate Fish Aquarium Craft and How To Make A Mermaid Craft Using Paper roll.

Disclaimer: The Floating Raft can disintegrate if immersed in water for too long. It is a one time floating raft. 




7 thoughts on “Easy Rainbow Craft: Floating Raft

  1. Very cute. If you make the sail with a square bit of paper it will blow along with the wind but obviously fish it out of the water when you’ve finished. Enjoy playing in the sun.

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