Magical Unicorn Pencil Holder Craft

Our summer vacations are here and we are sort of bored half of the day. So this morning when my daughter complained that she had nothing to do and that she was super bored. I told her to go do some coloring. I thought that would keep her busy for a good 30 minutes. But no, she instantly called me for help. She couldn’t find her color pencils and markers. They were all mixed up and some were lost. Now that got me thinking. Why not make a pretty Magical Unicorn Pencil Holder Craft for her. She could neatly put all her color pencils and markers in it. This would keep her busy too.

So off we went to our craft room to collect materials and start today’s project. I wanted to make a simple easy craft because i had loads of other work piled up for me. I used an empty tin can and some construction paper and felt for this Magical Unicorn Pencil Holder Craft. By the way while you are here and already an unicorn fan you must check out my Finger Puppet Unicorn Craft. Its super easy and loads of fun to play with. A favorite of my daughter!

Unicorn Pencil Holder Craft 1


Materials For Magical Unicorn Pencil Holder Craft:

  • Empty Tin Can
  • Construction Paper (Pink and white)
  • Felt for the flowers (pink, purple and yellow)
  • Silver glitter paper for the horn
  • Black Marker
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Instructions For Magical Unicorn Pencil Holder Craft:

1. Cut out a rectangle from pink construction paper. The breadth of the rectangle should be the height of your tin can.

2. Next put glue on the rectangle and wrap it around the tin can.

3. For the horn cut out a triangle from silver glitter paper and stick it on the tin can.

4. Now cut out two ears from white construction paper. Paste tiny ears of silver paper for the inside of the ear.

5. Paste the ears next to the horn.

6. For the flowers cut out pink felt flowers and layer them with purple felt flowers. Put a yellow circle in the middle. Now paste the flowers on the pencil holder.

Unicorn Pencil Holder Pin

Your Magical Unicorn Pencil Holder Craft is ready now. This was such a simple and easy craft to make. And it turned out so pretty!! For more easy and fun crafts check out the Paper Roll Mermaid Craft and Egg Carton Fish Craft. We had a lot of fun making this Unicorn Pencil Holder Craft. Hope you enjoy making it too. Happy Crafting With Us!!!


18 thoughts on “Magical Unicorn Pencil Holder Craft

  1. This pencil holder is so cute! My kids would love to make this, what a great idea, I will definitely be bookmarking this and making it with the family soon!

    ~xo Sheree

    1. I am glad u like it. If your daughter loves unicorns i recommend you make my finger puppet unicorn for her. Its so easy and gorgeous. She will love it!! By the way my daughter is a big fan of unicorns too.

  2. OMG my daughter and her friends would love this!!! We are gonna have to make this, this summer!!

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