Summer Crafts For Kids

Make these super easy Summer Crafts with your kids today. #Summercrafts #paperplatecrafts #fruitcrafts #icecreamcraft

I am super proud to show you all my daughter Alyshah’s Gorgeous Summer Crafts today. Every single craft was made by her with no help from me at all. In fact i was busy with my own work while she was making these in her room.

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When she showed me her Gorgeous Summer Crafts collection i couldn’t believe my eyes! And the best part is it proved to me that all the work that i do on my blog making crafts for kids is absolutely loved by them. And that we underestimate our kids most of the time. Just look at the amazing Summer Crafts she was able to make with no help from me!

Alyshah made a Paper Plate Water Melon Craft, a Paper Plate Orange Craft, few Pospsicles, Ice Cream Cones and Popsicle Stick Rainbow with a fluffy cloud which she calls her Rainbow Lollypop. She actually made all this for her pretend play Ice Cream Stand.

Paper Plate Watermelon Craft

To make this Paper Plate Watermelon Craft all you need is a paper plate and some paint. Alyshah used green, red and black paint to make her refreshing Watermelon. The reason why she cut it into pieces is because she is learning fractions in her online classes these days! Can’t express how happy was I to see her mixing up crafting with her math!

Paper Plate Orange Craft

Next she made this Juicy Orange using a paper plate again. For this she used Red, Orange and yellow paint. And once again she cut it into pieces to incorporate the concepts of fractions!

Yummy Popsicles

Third on her Summer Crafts list were these Yummy Popsicles. She loves eating Popsicles and decided to make several of them. For this craft she used paper to make her popsicles and glues them on popsicle sticks. To add design she used paint.

Ice Cream Craft

The Ice Cream Craft is made using paper and some markers. She drew some ice cream cones and colored them in using her markers.

I hope you enjoy making these Gorgeous Summer Crafts with your little ones today. They have got to be the most easiest crafts ever and the best part is they are all Kids Approved. And once more I can not express how happy my daughter, Alyshah made me today!

Happy Crafting With Us!!!!!

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  1. Well done Alyshah. Amazing job. I love all the things you made , the watermelon , ice cream cone and the Kulfi etc.etc. Summer is great. The most I liked in the crafts you made is ice cream cone , and how nice of you , that you filled the cones to absolutely maximum space.

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