Halloween Craft Spooky Rings

Make this easy Halloween Craft with your little ones this year for some spooky fun!

My Kids Craft Rings keep getting popular everyday. So now i was requested to make some Halloween Craft Spooky Rings. I have obviously planned tons of fun Halloween Crafts more closer to the actual date. But for now i wanted to start with a spooky ghost ring and a creepy spider ring. These were an instant hit with my daughter and her friends. Kids kept wearing them and chasing each other for some good fun.

Halloween craft spooky rings

So before we start our spooky Halloween fun do check out my magical Unicorn Craft Finger Ring and an adorable Baby Bird Craft Finger Ring. By the way these rings have got to be easiest crafts ever with minimum mess.

Unicorn finger rings

Materials For Halloween Craft Spooky Rings

  • Black and white construction paper
  • Golden glitter paper
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Black marker

How To Make Halloween Craft Spooky Rings

1. Cut out a ghost shape from white construction paper.

Halloween spooky ghost ring

2. Use your black maker to draw scary eyes and lips.

3. Cut out a piece of pipe cleaner and make a circle out of it.

4. Now use your glue to past the ghost on the ring. Your ghost ring is ready now.

5. For the creepy spider ring, cut out a spider shape from black construction paper.

Halloween creepy spider ring

6. For its eyes i used golden sparkly paper. I cut out tiny circles and pasted them. You can easily use a golden marker.

7. Again cut out your pipe cleaner and make a ring out of it. Paste your creepy spider on it. Your creepy spider ring is ready now.

Halloween craft finger rings 1

These Spooky rings are perfect to match your child’s Halloween Costumes. They are also great fun for a Halloween themed party in school or at home. And they are so simple to make that even i cant get over them. And i love the fact that my daughter loves wearing them. Its a great way for her to show her crafts to her friends. So do try these out with your kids and let me know how they turned out. Happy Crafting With Us!

10 thoughts on “Halloween Craft Spooky Rings

    1. Absolutely! You can make anything you want. That’s the best part of this craft. In fact you can visit us again for some more kool ideas like this.

  1. OMG that is so cute. I’m going to make these with my niece and nephews. I know they will love to make these since they love Halloween.

  2. These Halloween rings look so easy to make & are absolutely adorable! My boys love the rings that come on cupcakes, so I know these are going to be super fun for them to make!

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