Spring Flowers: Easy and Gorgeous

Spring hardly lasts for a few weeks where i live so to make the most of it i try to spend as much time as possible outdoors with my daughter. So today’s outdoor activity was to go find as many different kinds of spring flowers as we can. We had a great time looking at the gorgeous flowers growing all around us.

Therefore it was totally natural for my daughter to demand a spring flower activity when we got home. I on the other hand had a few errands to do. So i quickly thought of this fun and easy spring flower activity. It didn’t require much effort and it turned out so pretty!!!

 Materials for Spring Flowers:

  • Colored paper (blue, green, pink, purple and yellow)
  • White and yellow pom poms (tiny ones)
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

Spring Flowers Materials

Instructions for Spring Flowers:

1. Take a blue sheet of paper.

2. Cut a green grass base from the green sheet. Paste it on the blue paper.

Spring Flowers Craft Step 1

3. Now cut 4 strips for stems of spring flowers out of green paper and paste them.

Spring Flowers Craft Step 2

4. Next cut out two pink circles and two purple circles for the spring flowers.

5. Cut 4 yellow strips to put on the flowers. Paste one on each circle.

6. Fold each circle as shown below. Use glue to stick the edges together. This will give the flowers a 3D effect.


7. Paste the flowers on the stems.

Spring Flowers Craft Step 5

8. Paste one yellow pom pom inside each flower.

9. Lastly paste the white pom pom in a cloud shape.

10. For added 3D effect i folded the grass portion on it self.

Your easy and gorgeous spring flowers are ready. My daughter absolutely loved this simple craft. We had a great time together and hope you enjoy it too with your little ones. If you liked this craft then do look at our other easy spring crafts The Hungry Caterpillar, The grouchy ladybugs and Spring Bookmarks.  Happy crafting!!!


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