Spring Bookmarks Fun and Creative

Spring Bookmark Craft

Spring is in the air. The air is so fresh with the smell of new flowers and the sounds of chirping birds. Of all the seasons i love spring the most. So in order to celebrate spring i decided to surprise my daughter with some fun spring crafts. Because she loves reading i decided we needed to make some spring bookmarks. After all what fun is reading without pretty bookmarks!!!

So off i went to my craft room to collect all the things i would need for my daughters surprise spring bookmarks. I decided to use bright colorful construction papers in order to depict spring with all its beauty. I didn’t have much time before i had to go pick her up from school so i made my spring bookmarks very simple and easy to make.

Spring Bookmarks Craft 1

Materials for Spring Bookmarks:

  • Bright pink, yellow and green construction paper.
  • Googley eyes
  • UHU glue
  • Scissors
  • Popsicle sticks (mine were colorful)

Spring Bookmarks Craft Material

Instructions for Spring Bookmarks:

Spring Bird Bookmark:

1. Cut an 8 shape out of bright green paper.

Spring Bookmarks Craft Bird 1

2. Cut two pink heart for wings. Cut out a yellow triangle for beak and two feet.

Spring Bookmarks Bird 2

3. Now paste the wings, beak, feet and googley eyes on your bird as shown in the picture.

Spring Bookmarks Craft Bird 3

4. Next paste the bird on the popsicle.

Spring Bookmarks Craft Bird 4

Your Spring Bird Bookmark is ready now!!!

Spring Bookmarks Craft Bird on Popsicle Stick

Spring Flower Bookmark:

1. Take yellow construction paper and cut it in flower shape. Cut pink tiny petals as shown.

Spring Bookmarks Craft Flower 1

2. Now cut a green leaf.

3. Paste the pink petals on the yellow flower as seen in the picture.

Spring Bookmarks Craft Flower 2

4. Next stick the spring flower on the popsicle.

5. Stick on the leaf on the popsicle now.

Your Spring Flower Bookmark is now ready!!!

Spring Bookmarks Craft Bird and Flower

Spring Butterfly Bookmark:

1. Cut out a long yellow body for the butterfly.

2. Now cut out two green hearts. Cut out two pink hearts a little smaller then the green hearts.

Spring Bookmarks Craft Butterfly 1

3. Next paste the green hearts as wings on the butterfly body. Paste on the pink hearts inside the green ones. As shown in the picture.

4. Stick on the googley eyes.

5. Lastly stick the butterfly on the popsicle.

Spring Bookmarks Craft Butterfly 2

Your Spring Butterfly Bookmark is now ready!!!

I really enjoyed making these Spring bookmarks. They were so simple and easy and looked so pretty. And best of all my daughter loved them so much!!! Hope your kids enjoy them too. For more easy craft ideas check out Mommy Bird and Chicks and Rainbow Popsicle Vase. Happy crafting!!!!

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