Fun Lighthouse Father’s Day Card

3D Father's Day Card Using Popsicle Sticks #fathersdaycard #fathersdaycraft #fathersdayactivity

I love giving and making cards. But with a twist. There has to be something special about them. And Father’s Day is a special day so why not try something different. So i came up with this fun idea that involves popsicle sticks and colorful felt. I decided to make a lighthouse out of popsicle sticks and a boat using felt. It’s the perfect Father’s Day Card. And since little kids are always fascinated about lighthouses and boats this is an exciting card for them to make.

Father's Day Card

My daughter loved pasting the popsicle sticks and making a lighthouse out of them. So try it out with your little ones and enjoy this  Fun Lighthouse Father’s Day Card together.

Materials For Fun Lighthouse Father’s Day Card:

  • Blue Construction Paper A4 Size and tiny piece of white paper
  • Red popsicle sticks
  • Red, Blue, Green and Yellow felt
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Instructions For Fun  Lighthouse Father’s Day Card:

1. Place the blue construction paper in a horizontal way. Paste four popsicle sticks as shown below. This will be the base of the lighthouse.

2. Next  cut three white strips from construction paper and a red triangle for the top of the lighthouse.

3. Now paste the red the triangle as the top of the lighthouse and the white strips on the red popsicle sticks to give a stripy effect.

4. Cut out a green wiggly shape for the land around the lighthouse and paste it.

5. From yellow felt cut out a tiny D shape for the light in the lighthouse and cut out three yellow strips for the rays of light. Paste them as shown.

6. Now Cut out few wiggly waves from blue felt, a boat shape from red felt and yellow felt sail for the boat.

7. All you need to do now is paste them and your fun lighthouse father’s day card is ready!

Father's Day Card pin

I hope you enjoyed making this as much as we did. For more fun and easy Father’s Day Crafts do check out my Paper Roll Shirt Father’s Day Craft.


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