DIY Paper Plate Unicorn Photo Frame

Paper plate unicorn craft

My daughter is absolutely obsessed with unicorns. So every few days she wants a craft related to them. So today when she came to me for another unicorn craft, I thought of making something useful. Some thing that she could put in her room on her bedside table. I decided to make a cute  DIY Paper Plate Unicorn Photo Frame for her. Now i don’t make complicated hard crafts so i decided to use a paper plate for this project. And i am proud to say it turned out gorgeous and my daughter loved it!

Paper plate unicorn photo frame

You can easily put any photo you want in this pretty DIY Paper Plate Unicorn Photo Frame. It even has a stand at the back. So yes! it does stand on its own with a little support.

Materials For DIY Paper Plate Unicorn Photo Frame:

  • Paper plates 2
  • Glitter paper for unicorn horn and flowers
  • X-acto Knief
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Instructions For DIY Paper Plate Unicorn Photo Frame:

1. Cut two equal sized circles from each of your paper plates (basically remove the edges to make the paper plates flat). For ease of instructions i am calling these two paper plate circles as Circle 1 (front of the photo frame) and Circle 2 (back of the photo frame).

2. Now take Circle 1 and using an X-acto knief cut out a smaller circle from it. So your Circle 1 will be in a ring shape as shown below.

3. Now stick Circle 2 behind the Circle 1 (ring shaped one). Make sure to stick the Circle 2 from the bottom. Do Not Stick its upper part. You need to insert your photo from here.

4. For the stand cut out a rectangle from the left scrapes of the paper plates. (I never throw away my scrapes, i always try to use them somehow). Fold it in half.

5. Now paste the stand behind the frame.

6. Next cut out a unicorn horn and a few flowers from your glittery paper.

7. Stick them for decoration.

8. Insert your favorite photo in your pretty frame. Your pretty  DIY Paper Plate Unicorn Photo Frame is ready for display.

Paper Plate Unicorn Photo Frame Pin

Insert your favorite photo in it and enjoy! For more fun and easy unicorn crafts check out my Finger Puppet Unicorn Craft and the Magical Unicorn Pencil Holder Craft. This was such a fun and easy craft to make. Hope you enjoy making it too. Happy Crafting With Us!!!


20 thoughts on “DIY Paper Plate Unicorn Photo Frame

    1. So happy you liked it! And it is an easy craft! Also come back and check out my latests blog post. Its a gorgeous mermaid craft coming soon!

  1. These are so cute and a great idea for the kids, I will definitely be trying this with mine, thanks for sharing!

    ~xo Sheree

    1. Thank you for liking it. And yes its actually a pretty easy DIY So i am sure kids will like making it.

  2. This is a cute craft! I will share this with a friend who is a kindergarten teacher. I am sure she would love to include this in her classroom activities this coming school year.

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