Free Printable Bunny Ears Template For kids

Bunny Ears Template

Easter is right around the corner and Bunny Ears are all the rage! And because I just love easy and fun printables, today I made this super adorable Free Printable Bunny Ears Template. This fun Easter Printable comes in two colors, Pink and Blue. So choose the one you love or better print both of them out and have tons of fun with your little ones.

You can download these Free Printable Bunny Ears using the DOWNLOAD button at the bottom of the page. You will also find the instructions to assemble the Bunny Ears. But before we get to that do check out some more free printables.

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How to make your own Bunny Ears

Follow these super easy instructions to assemble your own Bunny Ears.

Yield: 1

How to assemble Bunny Ears Template

Assemble Bunny Ears using our free Bunny Ears Template


  • Cardstock Paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Decorating material (optional)


  • Printer


    1. Print the Bunny Ears template on cardstock.
    2. Cut out the ears and the band.
    3. Tape the bands together to make one long band. Then, connect both ends with tape to go around the top of your head. (Adjust and make more bands if needed.)
    4. Tape the ears behind the part of the band that goes on your forehead.
    5. Put on your bunny ears and hop around the garden!

Now to make things more fun you can download the bunny ears template in two different colors.

Bunny Ears Template

I hope you enjoy making these Free Printable Bunny Ears with your little one! For more Free Printables and Fun Crafts don’t forget to subscribe with us. And before you go do checkout our Easy Spring Crafts collection.

Hope you enjoy making these Super Adorable Spring Crafts!

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