6 Easy Ramadan Crafts For Kids

Easy Ramadan Crafts For Kids

Ramadan is right around the corner and excitement levels are high for the kids and adults alike. So to keep your children happily occupied during this Holy Month, check out these 15 Easy Ramadan Crafts. These crafts are super easy to make and do not require any fancy materials.

Moon Sighting Binoculars

by Hello Holydays

Sighting of the Ramadan Moon and the Eid ul Fitr is the most exciting part of Ramadan. So make these adorable binoculars to find the moon in the night skies.

This is another super cute Moon and Star Craft keeping in theme with the moon sighting even.

Ramadan Paper Lantern

by Martha Stewart

Make this adorable Ramadan Lantern with the kids to help you decorate your iftar table. It’s so adorable and super easy to make!

Ramadan Moon & Star Craft

by A Crafty Arab

This is such an adorable Ramadan Craft to make with the kids. You can hang these in your home to have Ramadan feel!

Paper Bag Mosque Craft

by Hello Holydays

I am in love with this Ramadan Craft! Make these mosques to decorate your Ramadan Corner.

Make this super cute Ramadan Good Deeds Bag. Kids can write down their good deeds and put them in this glittery Ramadan Craft.

I hope you enjoy making these 6 Easy Ramadan Crafts For Kids. Do also check out my Free Ramadan Printable as well.

This Fun Ramadan Activity Book is perfect for kids keeping their first Fast (Roza) ever!

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